Arguments Do Not Work: The New Law of Negotiation (English Edition)

If you'd rather read than listen, buy a PDF version of my book. As with the audiobook, you'll get a complete overview of what works and doesn't work in negotiation. And you'll negotiate the best possible outcome. 

My name is Radim Pařík and I have been a professional negotiator all my life. In 2008, I was put in charge of all the Schwarz Gruppe's major negotiations. At the time, that meant the biggest negotiations in Europe. And this year I became the Czechoslovak LinkedIn Personality of the Year. Thanks to your votes. 🙏

I originally planned to release this book for Christmas 2020. But I prepared it in the period when the coronavirus pandemic hit us. We are approaching the biggest economic crisis in 90 years and for many of you an economic disaster.

That's why I've decided to help you. So that you can learn to negotiate better, so that you can get better results, so that you can apply the tips and rules in this book to your negotiations tomorrow.

If you do, I guarantee you'll negotiate more. And much faster. Whoever you're negotiating with and whatever you're negotiating about. My biggest goal is for you to be successful in your negotiation and therefore successful in your business. With my audiobook, you can do it. It is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic. And it will last you for your entire professional and personal life.

You can get it for the price you normally pay for an evening at a bar or restaurant.

Negotiate. It's the only way to avert the catastrophic effects of the crisis. On your business, your employees, your career.

Negotiate. As if your own life were on the line.

Negotiate. Like the best negotiators in the world.

With my book, you can do it.

By buying the book, you are contributing to a good cause: the text part was prepared for us by blind and deaf people [and we left everything as they did] and we are investing the proceeds back into them. Thank you.

Download the Teachable app from App Store on your iPhone and improve your negotiation skills offline.


"I knew the book would be great. I had no idea that I would find so many interesting suggestions and inspiration for my writing. A lot of the stuff in the book can be applied to anything. Especially the anchor work. I used it recently when dealing with clients. I used it in a comment below the post. I used it in a phone call with a client who was pushing me to do something I wasn't comfortable with. The result was a negotiation that turned out successfully in my favor. I won the contract, I was able to refuse the client's request without our relationship suffering, and I steered the discussion below the article into clear boundaries.

Radim to you, buy Radim's book #ArgumentsDon'tWork and negotiate with the same passion and enthusiasm as your kids do when they want ice cream in January." – Lucie Zitterbartová

"I recommend the book to anyone who has to negotiate. It's a comprehensive cyber guide on the voyage to success." – Tomáš Burda

"The audiobook is top notch, but it's like with everything, practice makes perfect 👍."– Jiří Rak

"I can confirm that it works. I'm halfway through the book and I'm gradually applying what I've learned from it. Even when negotiating with those who have power and opposite interests than me, I am achieving my goals." – Martin Pavelka

"The book is great! I use the techniques every day, so the value is amazing." – Adam Řezníček

"I have been in the buying and selling business for practically ten years and closing a deal has never been a big problem for me, but it has cost me a lot of time and effort and the outcome has not always been equal to my requirements and expectations. After studying Mr. Parik's book, my negotiations have become more efficient and I can negotiate better terms faster. Do you think it takes a lot of knowledge, skills or talent? I thought so too, but just remember a few points that Mr. Parik explains in detail and you will see the change immediately. This book was definitely beneficial for my company and I recommend it to those who have been trading for years but want to learn something new and actually fun again..."–

Klára Hajchlová

"I bought your book a few days ago, thanks for it. It has already helped me in two minor cases, no big negotiation, just a mail. I just had to behave differently." –

Lucie Malecká

"I have to say, a little reluctantly (I really don't like ebooks), that I like Radim's book. It's well narrated, pleasant to listen to and has interesting content. What Radim says there works." –

Rostislav Svoboda

"I can have any opinion I want about Radim, but what I won't deny him is that what he does has a head and a heel, and most importantly a real benefit and it works. I experienced Radim live, so I immediately bought the "full version" of the audiobook, including the workbook and the pdf version. For me, this version is the maximum benefit.

1) Listening anywhere.

2) Background on the meeting thanks to the workbook (admittedly everything is described in the book, but just why waste time 😉 ).

3) Written version for better visualization, ability to take notes, etc.

Moreover, blind people participated in the transcription from audio and Radim promised to invest the proceeds for the printed version back into them. So, at the same time as you benefit yourself, you are also contributing to a worthwhile cause." –

Rudolf Pustějovský

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